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Tower Crane Towers

Smells conjure images, images inspire words, words sound musical, music stirs emotion, and emotion moves the body. 

In this way, TOWER CRANE TOWERS endeavor to combine auditory, visual, tactile and olfactory elements into a collective whole. 

This vision came to fruition in the group’s critically acclaimed 2020 10” vinyl ep. release. With a hand-silkscreened cover, multi-colored vinyl, and it’s own fragrance, this instantly collectible work of art quickly sold out, and solidified TCT’s international reputation as a musical and artistic force to watch closely.

Two years and a pandemic later, the anonymous five-piece (hailing from the USA and the Netherlands) have evolved into an energetic performing unit, as well as provided another beautiful musical offering – a 12” LP utilizing the same multi-sensory elements, but this time with the addition of interactive digital elements: a first in the industry.

Though they attempt to defy convention, the music could best be described as melodic punk rock with a healthy dose of memorable hooks and even an acoustic bit, or moshy breakdown thrown in for good measure.

TOWER CRANE TOWERS continue to amplify their creative breath; creating collectible pieces of art and sound to compliment their artistic vision. They will soon be hitting stages in Europe and beyond – bringing the world glue for its broken heart, anthems to scream along to, and arms to stage dive into.